Antonio César Assao, MD is a physician, plastic surgeon, and Plastic Surgery Specialist by Conselho Federal de Medicina (Federal Medical Council), Associação Médica Brasileira (Brazilian Medical Association), Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery) and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Assao, graduated in 2001, attended medical residency, after his graduation in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at the Hospital do Servidor Publico Municipal de São Paulo.

During his training in plastic surgery, perfected their knowledge and technical skills in specific areas in many hospitals, such as Hospital A.C. Camargo (Department of Cutaneous Oncology), Municipal Hospital of Tatuapé (Burned Treatment Center), Municipal Hospital Infantil Menino Jesus (Treatment Center Fissured), Hospital Pearl Buygton (Breast Reconstruction).

Participated in several courses, symposia and congresses, being active in research area, with several papers presented at congresses and published in Scientific Journals.

In constant professional development by attending conferences, courses and research, seeks offer to the patients alternatives of treatments at all levels of complexity, aiming above all, a natural result, involving proportion, symmetry and balance, respecting their ethnic and personal characteristics.


We aim to provide our patients: quality of life, recovery of self-esteem and consequently health through the benefits of plastic surgery. We consider fundamental:

• Listening the patient, answer questions and understand their expectations;
• Clear communication explaining a simple way and objective diagnosis and treatment, so that the patient understands the benefits of the treatment and also possible complications, and prognosis;
• Indicate the appropriate procedure, observing the recognized and accepted surgical techniques, respecting the current standards in the country;
• Have consciousness of the limits of medicine and be transparent with the patient before the absence or ineffectiveness of a treatment; • Constant updating through participation in congresses, study of specialized publications, courses, clinical meetings, discussion forums, among others;
• Provide a personalized care, marked by personal relationship with dedication of time and attention needed, developing a good doctor-patient relationship.